Pixie Queen
Pixie Queen Omgång

Pixie Queen

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Riktigt härligt egensinnigt worker placement-spel som mottagits varmt om att blidka den barska älvdrottningen!

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PIXIE QUEEN is a smoothly playing worker-placement game about a Queen who rules over her subordinates like a true tyrant.  The legend tells of pixies being small flying naughty creatures often spotted in the area of Cornwall and Devon in the UK.  Pixies steal from humans and often torment other creatures.  According to the game they are obliged to do so by their Pixie Queen…

Winner of the game is the player with the fewest points since the only points one can earn (or avoid) during the game are penalty points.  Reward points will not be given out until the end of the game.  You can receive rewards by charming the Queen with a golden ring, additional offerings during the game or promoting your pixies to faithful servants of the Queen.  Obtaining each reward demands completely different game tactics.

För 2-5 spelare
100 min speltid
Rekommenderad ålder: 12+
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