Wings of Glory: WW1 Duel Pack (Richthofen’s Fokker Dr.I & Brown’s Sopwith Camel)

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En perfekt introduktion till Wings of Glory som innehåller allt du behöver för att komma igång med hisnande dog fights! Detta paket innehåller planen Richthofen’s Fokker Dr.I & Brown’s Sopwith Camel.

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A pack for beginners with two miniatures and all the rules needed to start and to go deeper into the system: both Basic and Standard rules are included, plus several scenarios and special rules to go with them (both for trench cards and for AA machineguns).
Two version are available:
– one with Richthofen’s Fokker Dr.I and Brown’s Sopwith Camel;
– one with Paul Bäumer’s D.Va and Frank Luke’s SPAD XIII.

Wings of Glory WWI planes are 100% compatible with Wings of War, using the same scale, base-fittings and pegs.

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