Battle Beyond Space

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Ibland orkar man inte bygga upp ett intergalaktiskt imperium med sjustegsstrategier och avancerade teknologiträd under åtta timmar, utan ibland vill man bara hoppa in i en slimmad farkost och fajtas så det står härliga till! Battle Beyond Space spelas under en timma, har inga krångliga regler och är perfekt för dig som letar efter mer ös i rymden!

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Battle Beyond Space is a massive, multi-player free-for-all space battle with 60–80 ships slugging it out IN SPACE.

In 45-60 minutes. And 9 turns. In an asteroid field.

The combat system is diceless and extremely deadly. On a turn, you choose one of your three squadrons, move and fire with it, then get to move one of your two capital ships.

The big difference between the players is the super-secret alien power of technology which they can spring on another player at any time. Some are one-use, amazingly powerful items (aka Death Blossom), some are more subtle, long-term effects.

1 Board (with hexes for 3 & 4 players)
8 Capital Ships (2 per player)
1 Rulebook 17 Asteroid Markers
36 Movement Cards (9 for each player)
7 Sensor Probe Markers
12 Special Power Cards (3 for each player)
5 Capital Ship Damage Markers
72 Fighters (12 squadrons of 6 ships each)
2 Elite Fighter Markers
4 Shield Markers
2 Elite Fighter Damage Markers

För 3-4 spelare
30-60 min speltid
Rekommenderad ålder: 13+
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